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Dvd95Copy offers 4 different copy mode types.
Here's a short explanation of all copy mode types:

bulletFull Copy:
This is the best and easiest way to copy any DVD movie to a
regular recordable DVD (4.38 GB).
bulletMovie Only:
Same as above, except it copies the main movie only and
gets rid of all extras on the disc and gets rid of the menus. Thus when
insterting the copy into a settop player, it will start playing back the
movie right away.
bulletSplit Copy:
Some people prefer splitting to 2 DVDs instead of
transcoding to preserve the best picture quality. But transcoding has
become quite reliable so splitting shouldn't be an option anymore.
bullet1:1 Copy:
Creates a REAL 1:1 Copy of a DVD (No compression is used).
Thus you'll need a double layer DVD burner and double layer DVD media if
you want to copy DVDs that are larger then 4.38 GB. The advantage of this
copy mode is that you can copy Data - DVDs aswell.


First usage instructions

Before you copy a DVD with Dvd95Copy the first time, please press the options button to preset some default values. You will get following options dialog:

In this options dialog it is important that you select the prefered languages you want to keep for audio and subtitles.
From now on, Dvd95Copy will always keep the language you have selected and will remove all other languages that are on the original DVD. (But of course you can still change which audio/subtitle languages to keep at any time on the main Dvd95Copy screen).


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