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06/03/10 - v4.1
              - fixed: Dropdown controls for DVD reader/burner selection didn't work on
                japanese and chinese windows versions.

02/13/10 - v4.0
              - added the use of BadSectorList-Files to get around new copy protections.
                look here on how to use it.

03/16/07 - v3.9
              - fixed: Updated for new protections like found on Casino Royale.

12/09/06 - v3.8 Revision 4
              - fixed: Updated for new protections like found on Attack Force.

10/02/06 - v3.8
              - fixed: Updated for new protections like found on Silent Hill Region 2.
              - added: Dvd95Copy checks now for available updated versions on startup.

08/13/06 - v3.7
              - fixed: Updated for new unreadable sector protections.
              - fixed: 1:1 copy mode problem with error message CSS protection fault.

05/20/06 - v3.6
              - fixed: Updated for new unreadable sector protection variants like
              -  'Fun with Dick and Jane', 'When a stranger calls', 'War of the worlds'.

03/15/06 - v3.5
              - fixed: Updated for new unreadable sector protection variants like
              -  'Lords of Dogtown R2', 'Legend of Zorro R2', 'The longest Yard R2.
              - fixed: 1:1 copy mode and rip mode did not work with some ARccOS protected dvds..
              - added: Wide and Full screen auto-selection option for movie only copies..

02/24/06 - v3.4
              - fixed: Updated for new unreadable sector protection variants like
              -  'Flightplan', 'The Cave', 'Mr & Ms Smith Region 2.
              - fixed: Movie Only copies of arccos dvds did freeze in some players.
              - added: The last used burn speed gets reused automatically.

12/02/05 - v3.3
              - fixed: Updated for new ARccOS variants like 'Madagascar'.
              - fixed: The Polar Express had missing audio on movie-only copies.
              - added new copy-destinations: ISO/UDF image creation and HD folder.
              - added new control that displays the main movie quality.

10/21/05 - v3.2
              - fixed: Updated for new ARccOS variants like 'Layercake'.
              - fixed: Title preview works again for DVDs too.

10/09/05 - v3.1
              - fixed for Lords of DogTown and future variants.
              - fixed a few minor bugs.

08/19/05 - v3.0
              - fixed: autodetection for DVD media insert/eject caused trouble on a few pcs.
              - fixed: the possibility to instantly burn already transcoded files did not work.
              - fixed: Dvd95Copy did not work with DVDRegion + CSSFree running in background.
              - added new copy mode: 'Join'. This will join 2 sided/disced DVDs to one DVD. (This works currently in movie-only mode.).
              - added new copy mode: 'Rip'. This will simply rip a DVD to HD.
              - added new burn engine: 'Nero'. This is the same engine that DVDShrink uses.

07/22/05 - v2.22
              - fixed a few minor bugs.
              - fixed: PUOPs didn't get removed on full-disc copies.
              - added the possibility to auto-send the logfile on a crash.
              - added autodetection for DVD media insert/eject.
              - added 'Evenly compression' button to XPress version.
              - added the possibility to instantly burn already transcoded files.

07/17/05 - v2.21
              - Rearranged some controls on Dvd95Copy's main window for easier usage.
              - Added support for some newer DVD burners.

06/22/05 - v2.20
              - fixed: 1:1 copy mode didn't work for pure data-DVDs.
              - fixed a bug which made Dvd95Burn unusable inv2.19.

06/16/05 - v2.19 Revision 2
              - fixed a bug that cause a crash on a few machines with v2.19.

06/15/05 - v2.19
              - fixed: 'Closer' copying problems and future ARccOS protection copying problems.

06/05/05 - v2.18
              - fixed:Memorex burner didn't get recognized as DVD burner.
              - fixed: 1:1 copy mode did not work in v2.17
              - added option to keep DTS audio by default.
              - added verify and eject tray option to Dvd95Burn, 95Split and 95Copy 1:1.
              - added DVD-R DL support.
              - removed old internal burn engine.

05/26/05 - v2.17
              - fixed:The burn button was not enabled after transcoding if the source and burner was the same drive.
              - fixed: A wrong splitpoint was selected on ARccOS protected DVDs.
              - added new option to eject the tray after burn.

03/29/05 - v2.16
              - fixed a bug in Movie-Only copy that caused the error: 'Unable to open IFO file...'.
              - added a writing speed selector to the main window of Dvd95Copy.

03/26/05 - v2.15
              - Dvd95Copy translated to German and French language.
              - fixed: Subtitles get turned off now on Movie-Only copies.
              - added new feature to Dvd95Burn: DVD-Image files can get burned now too.
              - fixed: ARccOS proteced DVDs didn't get copied using the Split-Copy-Mode.
              - fixed: Writing speeds have been wrong on Nec burners.

03/07/05 - v2.14
              - fixed 'Troy' splitting problems.
              - added new option: Verify can be turned on/off.
              - enhanced DVD-Rom reading speed.
              - fixed copying problems with Region 2 - ARccOS protected DVDs.
              - fixed 1:1 copying problems with copying -/+R(W) media to another recordable.
              - fixed movie only copying problems with a few titles like Bridget Jones 2 and Troy
              - fixed DL problem that caused the error: "Error setting layer change".

.01/26/05 - v2.13
              - fixed 'Little Black Book' copying problems.
              - fixed 'The Forgotten' copying problems.
              - fixed problems with ripped files from ARccOS protected DVDs.
              - fixed: The destination folder button was missing on the inital Dvd95Copy screen.
              - fixed: Firewire burners didn't get listed on XP/NT machines.

01/06/05 - v2.12
              - fixed 'Resident Evil Apocalypse' copying problems.
              - fixed 'Little Black Book' copying problems.
              - fixed a little bug with DVDs containing angles at the beginning of the movie.
              - fixed: Dvd95Copy crashed the machine if there was a VOB file with 0 bytes in size.

12/21/04 - v2.11
              - fixed: Internal burning engine and Dvd95Burn did not work on 98/ME with Pioneer and Sony burners.
              - fixed a bug which caused Dvd95Copy products v2.10 to crash on a few DVDs with the error message: 'Operation failed ...'.
              - fixed a problem with the Verify after burn. The media gets now ejected and reloaded before the verify starts.

12/18/04 - v2.10
              - fixed a bug that caused the error message: 'Can't open device' when reading from DVD-Rom.
              - fixed a bug on splitting episodic region 1 DVDs. The splitted disc1 paused the player after chapter 1.
              - fixed a small problem when copying ARccOS protected DVDs.

12/17/04 - v2.9
              - Double Layer support added for Full-Disc copy mode.
              - Verify added after the DVD recordable has been burned.
              - New program added: Dvd95Burn. It helps to burn files to a DVD recordable which are stored on HD .
              - fixed some minor problems and changed some GUI graphics a bit.

12/03/04 - v2.8
              - fixed: Dvd95Copy crashed on some DVDs with large menus.
              - updated splitting to handle more different DVD types like episodic DVDs.
              - increased the transcoding speed.
              - increased the splitting speed.
              - Help file updated.

10/08/04 - v2.7
              - fixed: Dvd95Copy crashed on some DVDs that use the new ARccOS copy protection.

08/02/04 - v2.6
              - added DVD+R DL (double layer / dual layer) support.
                A new copy method / option has been added for that, which makes exact copies of a DVD.
              - fixed a bug with the CopyToDVD burning engine.

06/25/04 - v2.5
              - added splitting support. Now you can split a long movie over 2 discs.

01/01/04 - v2.2
              - changed activation/registration of Dvd95Copy.
                Now the activation will be performed online instead using email transfer.
                This way Dvd95Copy can be activated imidiatly without any delays

12/26/03 - v2.1
              - fixed GUI problem on systems using large fonts.
              - fixed a bug when trying to burn a DVD that has no VIDEO_TS.VOB file.
                nothing got burned if this file didn't exist.
              - added Movie-Only feature (finally).
              - added option to shutdown the computer after completion.

11/26/03 - v2.0
              - Changed design.

09/21/03 - v1.7 beta
              - Added internal burning module certified to play recorded DVD movie on X-Box and PSII.

09/21/03 - v1.6
              - all Angles will be kept now.
              - added option to preset preferred languages for audio and subpicture stripping.
              - fixed: audio&subpicture will be stripped now also when 'No compression' was selected for a title-set.
              - fixed: On selecting a non-DVD files folder, Dvd95Copy will return to the beginning stage.
              - made some interface changes.
              - added additional options in options-dialog.
- fixed a bug with long menus. Sometimes some menu links didn't work properly.
              - fixed a bug with Seamless Branching DVDs.

05/15/03 - v1.5
              - Added option to burn files with VSO CopytoDVD after compression.
              - Added preview function for TitleSets.
                DirectX8 must be installed for the preview.

04/08/03 - v1.4
              - Added option for selective TitleSet compression.
              - Added option to select no compression for TitleSets.
              - Added option to select compression for Menus seperatly
              - Added option to select audio and subtitle removment for all TitleSets.
              - Added: Full and Wide screen of each TitleSet is now displayed.
              - Added option to set the final DVD-R size.

03/21/03 - v1.3
              - fixed a bug
. DTS streams have been missing in movie.
Added option to get rid of extras.
                Now you can choose which extras you want to keep or not.
                With this option, you can also get rid of FBI warnings.

03/07/03 - v1.2.2
              - fixed a bug with missing audio streams in extras

03/05/03 - v1.2.1
               - fixed a few crashing issues. Now it should no longer crash.
               - fixed a problem with Nero Reallocation failure.
               - increased the speed of Dvd95Copy.
               - added checkbox: 'Compress extras with maximum compression'
                 uncheck this checkbox if you want to have equal compression for all titlesets.
                 This is usefull for episodic DVDs, or DVDs with wide and fullscreen versions.

02/27/03 - v1.1 fixed a little problem. On some DVDs the movie title hasn't been detected correctly.

Next update version will have following features:



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