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Splitting DVD Copy Guide

The Usage is quite simple.

Press the options button to get to the options dialog:

In this options dialog select the option 'Splitting' within the Copy-type group, like in the picture below:

Press the 'OK' button to use this new options.

Now you will see three listview windows. The top listview window shows the possible chapter points where you can split the DVD. Dvd95Copy automatically selects the best splitpoint, so you won't need to change the split point manually.
The two listview windows below show which titlesets will be put onto the splitted discs: Disc1 and Disc2. Dvd95Copy will try automatically to spread all titlesets across both splitted discs.

Now Select the source DVD drive or folder on the harddrive to copy from, and the destination DVD burner to copy to, and select a folder on your hardrive that has enough space to hold both splitted discs Disc1 and Disc2.
Below picture show's an example, where 'I:\HL-DT-ST' is the source DVD drive, and 'H:\Pioneer' is the destination DVD burner.
'K:\Temp' will be used as temporary directory on the HD.

Now you can press the 'Start' button to start the splitting of the DVD.

After the splitting has finished, you will be prompted to insert an empty media for splitted Disc1.

If you have inserted an empty or overwritable media, then press the red Burn-Button, and the burning for Disc1 will begin.

After the burning of Disc1 has finished, you will be prompted to insert an empty media for splitted Disc2.




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