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Creating own Bad-Sector-List Files

Dvd95Copy v4.0 is now using a file with a list of bad sectors in addition to its internal functions, to circumvent the new nasty copy protections.

The advantage of this new feature is that you don't need to wait for new updates of the program to copy new DVD movie releases with new protections. By editing a text file, you can tell Dvd95Copy which sectors on the new DVD are bad, and needs to be skipped. The only handicap is, you must have some computer experience and good DVD structure knowledge.

It's no big deal if you aren't experienced in creating such bad sector list files yourself. If such a file doesn't exist on your pc for a DVD movie, Dvd95Copy tries to download it from the webserver.

For those who know how to find the bad sectors on a DVD, here's the instructions on how to use them.

The bad-sector-list file is a simple text file and looks like this:

The filename for this file is build from the DVD Volume Name and serial number. To get those values, start Dvd95Copy on your desired DVD, and open the logfile of Dvd95Copy, and look for those lines:

02/12/2010 01:58:30 DVD Label: DOUBT_US
02/12/2010 01:58:30 DVD SerialNR: 120109570
02/12/2010 01:58:30 DVD VolumeIdentifier: 3A4A868F

Use the DVD Label and the DVD SerialNr separeted by a "_" to build the filename.
For above example the filename is: DOUBT_US_120109570.txt
Save this file in a subdirectory of the Dvd95copy.exe executable named "BadSectorLists". If the subdirectory "BadSectorLists" doesn't exist, create it.

The structure of the text file is very simple. The first and third lines are headlines and shall not be changed. The second line specifies the main movie title number. Set this value to 0 if Dvd95Copy is able to pick the right number.The following lines contain the start sector and end sector of an unreadable sector area for a given titleset. The first value of a line specifies the titleset number. The second specifies the start address, and the third the end address of the bad area. If the bad sector area would be located in the menu of a titleset, instead of the titleset itself, then use a negative value in first position. At last make sure your list has contigoues values for the titlesets and start and end sectors.

If you were successful in building a working bad-sector-list file, please email it to [email protected], so it can be uploaded on the server for public usage.


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